Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thanksgiving was great. 

For the first time in 20 years, I had ONE AND ONLY ONE Thanksgiving dinner! Yippeeee!
(if you don't know why, check it out here)

I did get to hang out with my Granddad, who has GOT to be the COOLEST man to have that title EVER. 

He has a brand new Mac with a 24" inch screen, and we couldnt resist being a bit goofy with the camera...

At 87 he still rides the stationary bike at the "Youth Center" 15 miles a day, and has a daily "Paper Route" which involves moving all the neighborhood little old ladies newspapers from their driveways to their porches.

I also had the pleasure of a session with one of the MOST talented photographers you can imagine (who just happens to be a lifelong friend) for some "Mommy(s) and Daughter" photographs. It was such a great time with my two mommies, and  a special special day. They should be up here on Lissa's blog soon.

Momma Kay came back to El Paso with me for the week, and we are taking full advantage of the FAB shopping around town...(you can only imagine)

I am so thankful for all of the blessings in my family, friends, home, partner, job, health, opportunities, and so much more...I try to be grateful EVERY day for all that I have, but it is especially apparent during this Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creepy Crawly Critter Update

This is a sequel to Promises Promises, and Ding Ding Ding...We have a Winner. Haven't read them? Shame on you...go now, click above.

Well, did I tell you we caught the second Kangaroo Rat? This one was much smaller than the first (we're assuming this is the female) and quite a bit less aggressive. Still closely resembles a Disney mouse, and pretty darn cute.

Hopefully she found Mr. Roo Rat behind the Dairy Queen and they lived happily ever after.

Notice those LEGS. No wonder she could move dog shit from shelf to shelf in a single bound.

In other news, it was a sad day for Geckos nationwide (especially this one). The stow-away gecko from Key West that vanished behind my vanity mirror was found dead this week on the bathroom floor. Crusty and with empty eye sockets, it was not a pretty site. Obviously I was correct in my statement that Geckos don't (and can't) live in the desert.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not me...

This post started as a comment to thewishfulwriter 's post "Forward Backward", but I realized it needed to be more than a comment, a statement. She was commenting on America's giant step forward for African Americans that was simultaneous with the giant step back for the gay and lesbian community. Prop 8 passing in California.

It breaks my heart, both ways. Breaks my heart for the millions of african american children whose parents can now say with certainty that they CAN be anything they can dream of. For our older americans who can finally gain some healing for the sins of of our country's past. And for all of the people that have heard no all their lives to finally be able to stand up and say "Yes We Can!"

But for those of us, gay or straight, who wish that our children could grow up in a more tolerant and open-minded society, it is a soul crushing defeat. Amy says that in all actuality, GLT rights have not really changed in her lifetime. That the majority of Americans, if they got the chance, would still throw a beer bottle at our heads if they thought no one was looking. It is strange to me that America can progress so far as to elect an African American man as the most powerful leader in the world, but be scared shitless of two people who love each other and want to be recognized as a family.

Let me be clear, for me it isnt about "the wedding" or the piece of paper. I know to some, that is of monumental importance, and I understand that. For me, it is about being able to have a family, to have insurance, to have a house if something happened to my partner, to have her at my bedside if I am ill and in the hospital, to be able to leave our legacy to our children. Tell me please how those wishes make anyone else's marriage less sacred. I'll tell you what is threatening to the sanctity of marriage. Divorce, abuse, adultery, disrespect. Not me.

Today I'll be disappointed, and tomorrow, again, I'll have hope that with a new administration, and a new direction, this country will be able to do right by all it's citizens.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote Cast (and a tiny little fickle one)

I couldn't wait to vote this morning. Double checked my polling place last night, and was up EXTRA early to try and beat the crowds. At 6:50 I was at our local Fire Department ready to cast my ballot. Waited just a few minutes in line, but when I got to the table the lady said "oh, we have had a lot of confusion over this, this isn't your polling spot, you need to go to the middle school." off I go to the middle school (i'm not super familiar with which schools are which here, but I asked around and ended up at the middle school. To which I was greeted with "oh well this has caused a lot  of confusion, not this middle school the OTHER middle school".

Alrighty then strike two.

So off to the old middle school, yes sir-y bob. Finally the right spot. There was ONE person there besides me. I have a few theories as to why this was, but Im going to keep those to myself. 

I was determined not to vote a straight ticket, but to go through every single contest and pick the right person for the job. When it was all said and done, I voted Democrat all but one.

I'm ashamed to say that the one Republican I voted for was a very fickle decision. 

We have these CRAZY neighbors. They are just absurd, really. Anyway, they have had a HUGE banner of their pick for County Commissioner on their fence since JANUARY!!!! Not only is it the first thing I see every morning, the lady in the picture is wearing a giant cowboy hat. A COWBOY HAT!

So it just so happened that that was the last contest to vote for and I thought to myself, "I have looked at that woman's ugly mug for the last 11 months, and at this point I just want that face to go away."

She is a democrat...and her box was the only democratic box that didn't get checked. Shame on me I know, but I just couldn't do it. 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Three Toed Feet, and Bunny Eating Pumpkins

Halloween day...took a little convincing to get Amy to go along, but she ended up being a really good sport. We waited until the last minute (of course) and things were a little picked over by the time Ruby and I headed out Wednesday night to find costumes. 

There are four of us. Myself, Amy, and our staff, Eva and Ruby. Eva is about 5'10'' and an average size, Im 6', Amy is 5'2'', and little Ruby, well she is 22 years old, and 4'8''.

We wanted costumes that all four of us could be, a "theme", so we started at our local spirit store. We thought about all four ninja turtles, but Ruby could only fit in the kids version, which wasn't near as cute as the we vetoed that idea. 

When we moved on to the next store we found the PERFECT costumes. The Flintstones! Fred for Amy, Wilma for me, Betty for Eva, and PEBBLES for Ruby!!!!! We even found a plastic bone to tie in her pink wig! It was perfect, EXCEPT that they were out of "Wilmas".

So we had to make due and use a "Marilyn Monroe" white dress (that I shredded the bottom of) and two wigs. The first wig with the right bangs was an "Ariel" wig, but it was for kids, so it didnt cover all of my real hair. By the time it was all over, I had clipped the horns off an adult wig, and sewed the Ariel one on top of it. Follow that with some white spray painted wooden cabinet door handles, and Poof, Wilma Flintstone. 

All of the patients loved our costumes, and it was a really great day.

The bunnies were not NEAR as cooperative as I had hoped, but Miss Scarlett finally got too dang hot and just laid down. 

The poor baby had a pumpkin eating her unfortunate. She was not liking our little holiday

Don't you already feel sorry for my future children?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Tumbleweed

Every time I start to tell Amy a story, it takes five times longer than it should. Why? Because every time I begin with "my ____ family member" we then have to go through who exactly that ___ person is, and how they are indeed related to me.

I was commenting yesterday that it really couldn't even be classified as a family tree anymore, it was more like a family shrub, or bush, a hedge even, and Amy so perfectly said "dear, you have a family tumbleweed".

Let me explain:

I am adopted, and am lucky enough to have a great relationship with both my adoptive parents (Dave and Kay) and my biological parents (Tom & Teresa). I found Tom and Teresa about 6 years ago, and it couldn't be any more perfect. All of my parents get along with each other, and conspire against me on a regular basis.

Here's where it starts getting a little tricky. None of my parents stayed together. Dave and Kay divorced when I was five. Dad re-married a few times since then, creating a veritable maze of step-mothers and siblings, and is now with a great little lady named Peggy. Since they haven't yet married, I classify Peggy's as my "Not quite Step Mother". She has two sons, which are my "Not Quite Step-Brothers".

Mom (Kay) remarried Kerry. Who has two kids, Megan(girl) and Dallas (boy) (but Megan isn't technically Kerry's). So that's a pretty easy one.

Now, Tom and Teresa didn't stay together either. Teresa is married to Lynn. Who has three kids from his previous marriage. Jamie (girl), Randy(girl) and Cody(boy) my step siblings on that side. Teresa never had any more children, so I'm it...which works out really well.

Tom married Deborah and had my three half-siblings, Anabelle(girl), Sidney (boy), and Sadie (girl). They are my only blood siblings (and the very last family I found). Our mothers couldn't be more opposite, so we don't look a thing alike, but we have some very similar aspects in our personalities.

So I have four sets of parents. Eight sets of grandparents. All of my parents have siblings which makes for an array of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Step- grandparents, Step Aunts, Step Uncles, and Step Cousins.

And then there are the Ex-Step Monsters...errr Mothers (and their Ex-Step Families). "Ex-Step Sister-In-Law" was always one of my favorites.

The primary problem is that Amy's parents and siblings are all still married to their original partners, and she quite doesn't understand the difference between "Step" and "Half", and the other difficulty is that it doesn't all fit on one dinner napkin. (we've tried on several occasions to pass the time this way at restaurants.)

I had a pretty good map of it, at one point when I was trying to help my poor therapist, but I'm due for an updated version. I'm sure Ill have to have a clear one with pictures one for my children to be able to make heads or tails of it all.

To Amy's credit, she tries really hard. It throws her that a lot of them have names that could be male or female (ex. Kerry, Lynn, Randy), but for the most part, she can at least keep all of the parents straight.

Luckily we won't have to worry about wedding photographs...(your welcome Mom('s). )

Speaking of "two mommies", talk about needing clarification! HA!

P.S. Look for a "Genetics" post in the near future...I am really quite the little science experiment when it comes to the nature vs. nurture debate.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holding Hands with Hillary

That's right, THE Hillary. 

I wasn't always a Hillary fan, in fact, I didn't know that all Democrats weren't Satan's warriors until my sophomore year in college.  

When the Presidential Primaries began, and there was talk of Hillary throwing her pantsuit into the race, I was thrilled.  Finally a woman with the chops to be President, and a real chance to make that dream a reality.

So imagine my incredible disappointment when she fell a  perfectly highlighted hair short of the nomination. I will vote Obama, but only if they don't leave me enough room on the ballot to write in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary made a trip to our Sun City during the Primary season, and Amy and I went to the Don Haskins Arena to see her with 20,000 of our closest friends. Needless to say we didn't even get close enough to see the color of her pantsuit without binoculars.

Last week, we got word that Hillary would be coming RIGHT HERE to our tiny town to stump for Obama. She would be speaking just down the street on Saturday afternoon.

Sleep was elusive Friday night, all I could think about was getting up, putting on my "Bitch is the New Black" shirt, grabbing my "Hillary is My Homegirl" sticker, and getting my spot at the speech.

Saturday morning that's exactly what we did (but Amy would NOT let me wear my "Bitch is the New Black" shirt) and when we got to the park, we were pleased with our spot. Not right in front of her, but pretty damn close. So we waited, about 2 hours (she was an hour late), but when she took the stage, it was electrifying.

After her speech, most everyone but the ones right up front began to leave and find their cars, but Amy and I decided to hang around and see how close we could get to Ms. Clinton. 

At first I was (frustratingly) about 4 people back, just far enough away from the front line that I couldnt get her...........attention ; ) 

 However, as I further surveyed the situation, I realized that if I hopped a strategically placed bleacher, I could tuck myself in the last little corner of the handshake line. 

I slid into position just before she she got to that point, and immediately shoved my "Hillary is My Homegirl" sticker over the lady in front of me, and right into Hillary's line of vision. When she saw the sticker, I reached out with my other hand, and she shook it and said "Oh I LOVE that!". I screamed "I know, do you want it?",  she hesitated, and finally said, "No, you keep it" to which I replied (all of this taking place over the two short people in front of me) "No, I have two", and as she grabbed it from my hand she said "then YES I want it!".

At this point she realized I still had a death grip on her hand and removed it from my grasp (with a little help from the secret service) and was rushed into her green SUV (WITH MY STICKER!!!!)

It was definitely a moment I will never forget, a highlight for sure. I would have loved to have had a picture with her, and my sticker, but I am tickled pink that I got to have a mini conversation with her and that she took my sticker. She looks great for all she's been through, and she is a woman who deserves so much respect. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Feather's Challenge

Im pretending to be "tagged" by wishfulwriter and attempting the "7 random facts about yourself" post.

1. I have a really hard time saying "Well, I guess I better go" and it usually comes out "Well, I bess I getter go". Must be some weird nervous thing...or a mini-stroke..hmmm

2. Speaking of mini-strokes. I whistle completely out of the side of my mouth, like (yes, you guessed it) I have had a mini-stroke.

3. Speaking of mini-strokes (again) my mother whistles the exact same way. 

4. I have a new tattoo of Sarah Palin winking, on my ass. 

5. I have an obscene obsession with the skin on my elbows, and earlobes. I can't leave it alone. If you see me, you can pretty much bet I will have my hand on my ear or my elbow, especially if Im nervous...or bored...or happy...or sad....ok pretty much always. Might as well be sucking my thumb.

6. Speaking of sucking my thumb, I did it till I was 7. My parents tried everything from a retainer with a spike, painting my big o digit with that sour apple crap, everything. Know what finally worked? A nickel... for every half our I kept my thumb outta my trap. I wasn't stupid.

7. My all time favorite TV show is the old Get Smart. When I was a kid we didn't play tag, or hide and seek, we played Get Smart, theme music and all. I was ALWAYS 99 hello, first crush = Barbara Feldon. 

There....I'm officially tagging MixtapeJones, I'll be waiting Mister.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Literally Litterer

We encounter so many pleasant people every day at work, that it is so uncomfortable when we come across a rude one. Well let me tell you that is EXACTLY what I had the unpleasant experience of encountering today.

We were sitting at the counter working on billing, and the windows in front of us face the patio and the parking lot outside. The windows have a mirror tint so we can see out, but you cant see in from the outside. There is a pharmacy next to the clinic that is open on Saturdays so there was a fair amount of traffic this morning. 

An older hispanic woman got out of an SUV and headed into the pharmacy. As she came out, she had a paper towel in her hand, and we watched as she threw it down literally (no pun intended) three steps from our HUGE trash barrel. I could not believe my eyes! What an example for the three kids in the car. 

So as they were backing out of their parking spot I marched out right in front of them, picked up her litter, and placed it (a little harshly) in the trash can. 

Want to guess what the grandma and family did? Did they apologize? Did they hang their heads in shame? Hell no, they started CLAPPING. That's right clapping, and laughing, out loud with the window down. 

Karma dude....Karma.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I learned early how to be good at Therapy...

Four years old and at the movies with my Daddy. Days don't get any better than that. It was the brand new, uber advertised, Disney movie of the year. 101 Dalmations, opening day, and I was so excited I could hardly keep from throwing down my Rainbow Brite doll and sprinting in the theater. 

One teeny tiny problem.
 Cruella DeVille was FREAKIN scary. Not just creepy, or spooky. I was terrified to the point that we had to leave half way through the movie. I could NOT stop crying and thinking about those poor little puppies (and that hair).

Problem number two. 
Months afterward I was still appearing next to my Daddy's side of the bed in the middle of the night saying "Daddy......can we talk about Cruella?"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Birthday Wish

Ms. Martinez (name changed) had a birthday yesterday. 

I met Ms. Martinez for the first time about a year and a half ago. She was 88 lbs, and so dehydrated we couldn't find a vein to stick. All of her hair was gone, and she had an old floral scarf wrapped around her little head. Her eyes were completely sunk in, and she could barely stand to greet us when we walked in the room. (No matter WHAT we said, and how hard we tried, she ALWAYS stood to greet us when we came in). The most disturbing thing about Ms. Martinez was her color. Let me tell you, we see lots of "colors" on a daily basis, but Grey is not one of them. Her little body was so poisoned by cancer, and the chemo, that she was literally grey. 

We immediately fell in love with this little lady. No matter how sick, how nauseated, how frail and tired she was, she was always the picture of kindness, and there was always a sweet sparkle in those sick eyes. She spoke Spanish only, and mine wasn't that swift at that point as I hadn't been in El Paso very long, but she made me feel like I came straight from Mexico City. She would sit patiently while I found the right (or close to right, or flat out wrong) word, and then speak extra slowly so I could have a shot (be it a long shot) at understanding. 

Last week I came across her chart while up to my nose in paperwork, and just happened to notice that her birthday was October 6. That evening, at the grocery store, I ventured into the Spanish language card section. It was at this point that I realized that I know absolutely NO proper Spanish. It became very apparent to me that this was not going to be as easy as I thought, so I started with the pictures and narrowed it down to, oh, about twenty. I moved on to words I knew like "esposo, esposa, hermano, hermana, hija, hijo", "husband, wife, brother, sister, daughter, son, etc.... And then there were four. So I picked the two "prettiest" ones and decided to have one of the girls at the clinic "censor" it  in the morning and translate so I could pick one.

Turns out they were both sweet and appropriate (pure luck) and we chose the one that said something like "If the sun is bright,  the breeze is pleasant, and your day is perfect then my wish for you on your Birthday has come true" (definite paraphrase) and then had a little verse from Proverbs at the bottom. It was SO SUPER cute, we all signed it, and I made lots of little hearts on the envelope. 

We pulled up to Ms. Martinez little apartment, and it could not have been a more beautiful day for her. After we opened the gate (and avoided the neighbor's dog) she spotted us and was headed down the front steps to greet us. I have to say that she smile on her face when she saw the card was one of the most rewarding sights I can remember. She was THRILLED! She was full of hugs and kisses and " Gracias' " and was so surprised to see us. 

She took us on a tour of her three room apartment. Not three bedroom, three room. Her living/bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, all full of knick-knacks, pictures, rosaries, crosses, and knitting. She was so proud to show us her sweet little "casita". 

It will be  forever a sweet memory in my mind and heart. You see it was an extra special birthday for Ms. Martinez. For the first time in four years her cancer is in remission. She is 113 lbs, has her beautiful little head of hair back, her natural tan color, and those bright eyes that never gave up. 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Compassion...(and an important lesson) #1

Forward: This post is disturbing, slightly graphic, and does not pass the breakfast test, just a warning.

Im going to call her Mary. I had never met her, which at this point, is odd in itself. I've met almost all of our patients at the clinics, and can usually tell you their first and last names, which pharmacy they use, and if its time for them to come in for their lab work.  So that day I was back in the office paying bills, and didn't see Mary come in. 

I was called to the very last exam room, Amy wanted me to meet a patient. I walked in to see Mary, a 50 something very normal looking woman in a long-sleeved corral colored shirt and grey shorts. I immediately noticed that she had both of her legs bandaged from the ankles to the knees. We see ALL KINDS of things in the clinics, so I wasn't surprised to see Amy kneeling down next to her with gloves on.

What I did NOT expect, was what I would see when she removed the bandages. Mary's legs were rotting. They were swollen with dozens of large(about the size of limes) deep, open wounds. The kind of wound where you can see the meat. They were full of puss, some bleeding, and all the skin that wasn't eaten away was completely black. Not purple, grey, or red... black. 

My first thought was that she would most certainly loose her legs, and I was prepared to immediately leave the room and begin preparing the paper work to admit her to the hospital. At this point, I hadn't really heard anything yet. The sight was so overwhelming, I hadn't bothered to use any of my other senses up to that point. The first thing I recall hearing was "So it was just a bad batch? Yes, whatever they used to cut the heroin was bad."

You see Mary has a heroin habit. Has for the last 22 years. I found this out when she looked at me quite frankly and said, "Well you're getting quite the education aren't you? See what 22 years of heroin will do? If you think this is bad, you should see my ass." She has a $50 dollar a day habit, no health insurance, a steady job, a large circle of friends, and grown children. Her ex-husband got her started after a bad back injury to "help her relax". She was hooked after the first injection. She knew how to clean and dress her own wounds, which antibiotics to get in Mexico, when to start them, and obviously, when it was bad enough she needed to come in to see Amy.

Evidently, when you have a heroin addiction for that long, eventually you run out of good juicy veins, so it is necessary to do a method called "skin popping". It involves injecting the drug just under the skin in an attempt to hit one of the millions of capillaries that lie just beneath the surface. Whatever the drug makers used to "cut" the herion and make it go farther was toxic, and everywhere she injected she got a massive, skin eating infection. She was rather calm about this fact, I guess she realized that this was just the risk of it all. 

So Amy changed the antibiotic, gave her some new supplies, and told her to follow up in a few days.  I love that our clinics are so non-judgmental, and our patients can come in, be honest about their problems, and get kind and appropriate treatment. 

Mary was absolutely pleasant, intelligent, and quite frank, all of which I appreciated. In fact, I liked her very much, and I hope she gets to keep her legs awhile longer...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well this is a self indulgent post if ever there was one, but I have to introduce you to the newest member of the family (the one that was almost a snake snack...) Miss Ruby Red.

I know, I know could she be any stinkin cuter?!

So they're a little mismatched right now, but I have a feeling she will grow into it! (If I can keep Miss Scarlett from sitting on her between now and then we'll be in good shape)

Ok I'm done now....thanks for your patience!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ding Ding Ding...We Have A Winner!

Ok, yes WE GOT HIM!
Fortunately for him, (and us) we did opt for the "Catch & Release" turns out he is the cutest thing you've ever seen (as far as rodents go). The Rat/Squirrel is actually this weird large mousy thing. So the peanut butter worked and there he was yesterday morning not at all happy about being in our trap. 

Here's what the little booger looked like post-trapping, and on his way to his "Release Site"

My camera was dead  (gasp) or I would have a much better picture, and Im ashamed...

So we took him down the road to the Howdy's / Dairy Queen (Im sure they appreciated their new addition) to let him go. There is nothing but desert behind it, and we figured he would have plenty to eat (but his cholesterol will most likely suffer).

We sneakily crept down the arroyo and I hit the button to open the doors. Ok, here's what we didn't expect. He took two steps out of the trap and then JUMPED literally 10 feet. He hit the ground and lept again, another ten feet. Three more jumps and he was out of site. Amy and I sat there and stared in complete AWE.  After a few seconds, I said something like "he jumped just like a Kangaroo"... that was about the time that lightbulb went on, an Aha! moment. In unison "KANGAROO RAT!!!!"  This is what my Google search revealed. Sure enough we had ourselves a GIANT Kangaroo Rat. We set the trap again, so hopefully I can have better pictures AND a release video next time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Promises Promises..

Mmmkay, so I promise I will stay on my intended topic...after tonight.
I HAVE to get a few funny things down that happened the last few days you know, for the record.

First of all, we went to Key West for labor day. It was FABULOUS, we split the hurricanes down the middle so it was calm and peaceful, the weather was perfect, and it wasn't too crowded. I am normally pretty "with it" when it comes to packing and unpacking (as Ive been doing it my whole  life with parents in different states) but for some reason, even though I had only taken a tiny little suitcase, it was still sitting in my floor completely full(albeit tucked in the corner almost out of sight) until this week. I FINALLY unpacked and filed everything away where it went on Monday. So Monday night (really Tuesday morning) I get up in the night to nature's call (which I NEVER used to do). I'm sitting there in the dark with just the glow from the little nightlight, and I notice a "shadow" on the wall. Now you  must realize that I live literally in the desert, and there are all sorts of creepy crawly things that I murder on a daily basis (see "Unwelcome Visitor" below). So I immediately assume the worst. Im sure it is a Nina de Tierra or a scorpion or something gross along those lines. I tepidly turned on the light, not really wanting to find out what it was, and lo and behold a GECKO. Now remember folks, desert. Lizards = yes, Snakes = yes but GECKOS?!!! = NEVER. He was bright orange, had those little suction cup feet, and was about an inch long. 
All we can come up with is that he must have stowed away in my suitcase from Key West, and been chowing on dead bugs and mosquitos for the last month...who the heck knows, but how weird is that? Needless to say that my screaming for Amy to come see scared him behind the mirror and I haven't seen him since.

Number Two
Amy has had a "huge rat" in her shed for years. He was the stuff legends were made of. He made intricate dog poop houses, moved huge-o rocks from the front yard into the shed, built ramps with paint stirrers, just an all around super rat. Well lately he has been hoarding the bunnies food. Like A LOT of it, and they are hungry dangit. He was also making a rather large mess in the shed, so we decided it was time for his reign to come to an end. Rat trap time. So in all these years, Amy (nor I ) had never actually seen Mr. Rat-King, but surely saw the mess he left behind. It just so happened on the day we went to set the big-ole trap, when we opened the door there he was. Only problem...he wasn't a rat. He was a big ass squirrel. Turns out squirrels are smarter than rats, still haven't caught him, and Miss Scarlett and Ruby are still hungry.

And for number three....
Kokkie likes to go under the clinic and hunt. Kokkie = 9 year old Samoyed. He came out last night with something's dead foot hanging out of his mouth. It evidently had been dead for quite sometime as it was super CRUNCHY, and it took him a long time to get it all down. Needless to say he slept outside last night...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curious Compassion

Its funny, I always thought I knew compassion, but I can look back now and know I didn't. I was so busy trying to make way my through my own jungle, I couldn't see the pain around me(yes I resisted the "forrest for the trees cliche). Then an amazing thing happened, I woke up one day and realized I was happy...ridiculously, unequivocally, irreversibly (I hope)  happy.

Suddenly I had nothing  worry about, nothing to fret over, nothing to be absolutely consumed with except the fact that I was happy.  (Not that being happy isn't hard and sometimes scary when your aren't used to it.) But I digress (get used to it)

It was like a blindfold was dropped from my eyes. Now I can see...

Granted, I am in an environment that is much less privileged now, and there is so much need all around me, but I feel like I have much more appreciation for the struggles of others. I literally lay in bed at night scrolling through the people I come in contact with on a daily basis, and try to think what I can do to impact their lives in a positive way.

So I want to spend the next few posts and try to paint a picture of what I see. Some of it will be sweet, some incredibly sad, (a few gross things I can think of) but mostly, how blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Picture it...

I love the Golden Girls, and Sophia's stories. So in her honor, I'll start mine like this...

Picture it. Today, 4:45 pm. Amy and I driving in our little ole green Landrover "Willow", with our "Life Is Good" spare tire cover happy as two little larks. Me in sweatpants, flipflops, and a sports bra (I had spilled some Sugarfree Redbull all down my tank top, and since we were going "straight home" had taken it off, and Amy in scrub pants and a t-shirt.

We were literally 5 blocks from home, just down the street, and "Willow" as we affectionately call her, got a little tired...really tired in fact. Ok fine, she quit. Just like that.

So once again, Picture in sweatpants, flip-flops and a sports bra, hair ALL over the place PUSHING "Willow" by the "Life is Good" spare tire cover, down our entire street past ALL our neighbors to our house....with Amy steering and "cheering" me on...

Thanks honey~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unwelcome Visitor

My little-est bun bun Poe (As in Edgar Allen) finally escaped last weekend. He has always been rather determined, and a "digger" so the day finally came on Saturday. He was wooed by some "real" desert floozy bunny and is now (hopefully) frolicking out there with his new chick. Miss Scarlett (the one he left behind) has been so depressed and will hardly come out of her house.

So last night Amy took me to get a new bunny friend for Miss Scarlett. She is a baby, and small, but not a dwarf like Poe was, completely white with red eyes. I named her Ruby Red...

Evidently I was a bit over-optimistic about how fast Scarlett would take to little Ruby. I gave them a little "sniff and smell" time last night, and then let the baby sleep in the bathtub. This morning I let them play some more outside in the big bunny pen. Playtime ended when Scarlett bit off a little piece of her nose. Like the fact that she is 14 lbs bigger wasnt enough to "prove" her dominance. Anyway, so my solution was to put the baby in a smaller cage inside Scarlett's area so they could still smell and check each other out, without Scarlett being able to mount the little one. I came over to check on them this afternoon, and as I made the corner into the kennel I saw a HUGE ASS FREAKING SNAKE slithering his way in. He was already half way in and I was completely panicked. All I could think to do was to run back into the street and scream for Amy, so that's what I did....and boy did she come-a-running. Picture of my little lungs..."Amy come quick, there's a snake in with the bunnies and it's big as me!!!" Anyway, I got the shovel and met her at the kennel. By that time the snake was completely inside, but off to one side trying to charm the bunnies. Amy distracted him (with a broom no less) while I scooped up Scarlett and Ruby and got them the heck outta there. Multiple large rocks, shovels, sledge hammers and a pick ax later(seriously), it was finally ALMOST dead, but still opening its mouth anytime we got close. So we left it pinned under several LARGE rocks and left it's big-o snake head conveniently between the wall and the sledge hammer, put the bun bun's in the house and headed back to work. 3 hours later it was finally dead enough to bag up (talk about double bagging) and throw in the dumpster.

Needless to say by the time I was finished hysterically hacking at the damn thing I was bawling and Amy had to take over from there. It was literally as long as me (we're talking 6 feet here) and a good 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. Scary scary shit. However, Amy saved the day and we got it all cleaned up...Scarlett is back outside, and the baby is back in the bathtub.

I am so completely and totally sore I can hardly life my arms...I look a little like John McCain....