Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unwelcome Visitor

My little-est bun bun Poe (As in Edgar Allen) finally escaped last weekend. He has always been rather determined, and a "digger" so the day finally came on Saturday. He was wooed by some "real" desert floozy bunny and is now (hopefully) frolicking out there with his new chick. Miss Scarlett (the one he left behind) has been so depressed and will hardly come out of her house.

So last night Amy took me to get a new bunny friend for Miss Scarlett. She is a baby, and small, but not a dwarf like Poe was, completely white with red eyes. I named her Ruby Red...

Evidently I was a bit over-optimistic about how fast Scarlett would take to little Ruby. I gave them a little "sniff and smell" time last night, and then let the baby sleep in the bathtub. This morning I let them play some more outside in the big bunny pen. Playtime ended when Scarlett bit off a little piece of her nose. Like the fact that she is 14 lbs bigger wasnt enough to "prove" her dominance. Anyway, so my solution was to put the baby in a smaller cage inside Scarlett's area so they could still smell and check each other out, without Scarlett being able to mount the little one. I came over to check on them this afternoon, and as I made the corner into the kennel I saw a HUGE ASS FREAKING SNAKE slithering his way in. He was already half way in and I was completely panicked. All I could think to do was to run back into the street and scream for Amy, so that's what I did....and boy did she come-a-running. Picture of my little lungs..."Amy come quick, there's a snake in with the bunnies and it's big as me!!!" Anyway, I got the shovel and met her at the kennel. By that time the snake was completely inside, but off to one side trying to charm the bunnies. Amy distracted him (with a broom no less) while I scooped up Scarlett and Ruby and got them the heck outta there. Multiple large rocks, shovels, sledge hammers and a pick ax later(seriously), it was finally ALMOST dead, but still opening its mouth anytime we got close. So we left it pinned under several LARGE rocks and left it's big-o snake head conveniently between the wall and the sledge hammer, put the bun bun's in the house and headed back to work. 3 hours later it was finally dead enough to bag up (talk about double bagging) and throw in the dumpster.

Needless to say by the time I was finished hysterically hacking at the damn thing I was bawling and Amy had to take over from there. It was literally as long as me (we're talking 6 feet here) and a good 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. Scary scary shit. However, Amy saved the day and we got it all cleaned up...Scarlett is back outside, and the baby is back in the bathtub.

I am so completely and totally sore I can hardly life my arms...I look a little like John McCain....

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