Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creepy Crawly Critter Update

This is a sequel to Promises Promises, and Ding Ding Ding...We have a Winner. Haven't read them? Shame on you...go now, click above.

Well, did I tell you we caught the second Kangaroo Rat? This one was much smaller than the first (we're assuming this is the female) and quite a bit less aggressive. Still closely resembles a Disney mouse, and pretty darn cute.

Hopefully she found Mr. Roo Rat behind the Dairy Queen and they lived happily ever after.

Notice those LEGS. No wonder she could move dog shit from shelf to shelf in a single bound.

In other news, it was a sad day for Geckos nationwide (especially this one). The stow-away gecko from Key West that vanished behind my vanity mirror was found dead this week on the bathroom floor. Crusty and with empty eye sockets, it was not a pretty site. Obviously I was correct in my statement that Geckos don't (and can't) live in the desert.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not me...

This post started as a comment to thewishfulwriter 's post "Forward Backward", but I realized it needed to be more than a comment, a statement. She was commenting on America's giant step forward for African Americans that was simultaneous with the giant step back for the gay and lesbian community. Prop 8 passing in California.

It breaks my heart, both ways. Breaks my heart for the millions of african american children whose parents can now say with certainty that they CAN be anything they can dream of. For our older americans who can finally gain some healing for the sins of of our country's past. And for all of the people that have heard no all their lives to finally be able to stand up and say "Yes We Can!"

But for those of us, gay or straight, who wish that our children could grow up in a more tolerant and open-minded society, it is a soul crushing defeat. Amy says that in all actuality, GLT rights have not really changed in her lifetime. That the majority of Americans, if they got the chance, would still throw a beer bottle at our heads if they thought no one was looking. It is strange to me that America can progress so far as to elect an African American man as the most powerful leader in the world, but be scared shitless of two people who love each other and want to be recognized as a family.

Let me be clear, for me it isnt about "the wedding" or the piece of paper. I know to some, that is of monumental importance, and I understand that. For me, it is about being able to have a family, to have insurance, to have a house if something happened to my partner, to have her at my bedside if I am ill and in the hospital, to be able to leave our legacy to our children. Tell me please how those wishes make anyone else's marriage less sacred. I'll tell you what is threatening to the sanctity of marriage. Divorce, abuse, adultery, disrespect. Not me.

Today I'll be disappointed, and tomorrow, again, I'll have hope that with a new administration, and a new direction, this country will be able to do right by all it's citizens.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote Cast (and a tiny little fickle one)

I couldn't wait to vote this morning. Double checked my polling place last night, and was up EXTRA early to try and beat the crowds. At 6:50 I was at our local Fire Department ready to cast my ballot. Waited just a few minutes in line, but when I got to the table the lady said "oh, we have had a lot of confusion over this, this isn't your polling spot, you need to go to the middle school." off I go to the middle school (i'm not super familiar with which schools are which here, but I asked around and ended up at the middle school. To which I was greeted with "oh well this has caused a lot  of confusion, not this middle school the OTHER middle school".

Alrighty then strike two.

So off to the old middle school, yes sir-y bob. Finally the right spot. There was ONE person there besides me. I have a few theories as to why this was, but Im going to keep those to myself. 

I was determined not to vote a straight ticket, but to go through every single contest and pick the right person for the job. When it was all said and done, I voted Democrat all but one.

I'm ashamed to say that the one Republican I voted for was a very fickle decision. 

We have these CRAZY neighbors. They are just absurd, really. Anyway, they have had a HUGE banner of their pick for County Commissioner on their fence since JANUARY!!!! Not only is it the first thing I see every morning, the lady in the picture is wearing a giant cowboy hat. A COWBOY HAT!

So it just so happened that that was the last contest to vote for and I thought to myself, "I have looked at that woman's ugly mug for the last 11 months, and at this point I just want that face to go away."

She is a democrat...and her box was the only democratic box that didn't get checked. Shame on me I know, but I just couldn't do it.