Monday, October 20, 2008

Feather's Challenge

Im pretending to be "tagged" by wishfulwriter and attempting the "7 random facts about yourself" post.

1. I have a really hard time saying "Well, I guess I better go" and it usually comes out "Well, I bess I getter go". Must be some weird nervous thing...or a mini-stroke..hmmm

2. Speaking of mini-strokes. I whistle completely out of the side of my mouth, like (yes, you guessed it) I have had a mini-stroke.

3. Speaking of mini-strokes (again) my mother whistles the exact same way. 

4. I have a new tattoo of Sarah Palin winking, on my ass. 

5. I have an obscene obsession with the skin on my elbows, and earlobes. I can't leave it alone. If you see me, you can pretty much bet I will have my hand on my ear or my elbow, especially if Im nervous...or bored...or happy...or sad....ok pretty much always. Might as well be sucking my thumb.

6. Speaking of sucking my thumb, I did it till I was 7. My parents tried everything from a retainer with a spike, painting my big o digit with that sour apple crap, everything. Know what finally worked? A nickel... for every half our I kept my thumb outta my trap. I wasn't stupid.

7. My all time favorite TV show is the old Get Smart. When I was a kid we didn't play tag, or hide and seek, we played Get Smart, theme music and all. I was ALWAYS 99 hello, first crush = Barbara Feldon. 

There....I'm officially tagging MixtapeJones, I'll be waiting Mister.


Mixtape Jones said...

This is not really appropriate to the subject matter of my blog...Could I do 7 random "music" facts about myself? That would be more fitting.

Miss Scarlett said...

mixtape: well of course you can. That sounds fun and interesting (and frankly a little scary). Ill be waiting.

thewishfulwriter said...

Oh Lord...So, all seven were things I didn't know about you. I love the Palin winking tattoo...I've been considering a tattoo myself...of her shooting a moose. Just not sure where to place it...

The thumb sucking thing - brilliant. of course!

Miss Scarlett said...

wishfulwriter :

Im tellin ya, it was worth the pain to get to stare at that beautiful wink in the mirror every morning.

Well, I bess I getter go...

Miss Scarlett