Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I learned early how to be good at Therapy...

Four years old and at the movies with my Daddy. Days don't get any better than that. It was the brand new, uber advertised, Disney movie of the year. 101 Dalmations, opening day, and I was so excited I could hardly keep from throwing down my Rainbow Brite doll and sprinting in the theater. 

One teeny tiny problem.
 Cruella DeVille was FREAKIN scary. Not just creepy, or spooky. I was terrified to the point that we had to leave half way through the movie. I could NOT stop crying and thinking about those poor little puppies (and that hair).

Problem number two. 
Months afterward I was still appearing next to my Daddy's side of the bed in the middle of the night saying "Daddy......can we talk about Cruella?"


thewishfulwriter said...

awwwww. your post literally made me say that out loud. awwwww. i can totally picture you prodding your dad, wanting to discuss the scary-ness that IS Cruella. I'm not gonna lie, even as an adult I find her scary! And I feel you on worrying about the puppies. I cried so hard when my elementary school showed Old Yeller that my mom had to come pick me up. I couldn't take the dog dying.

Annie T AKA Agnes Mildew said...

Watership Down caused me the same angst. How can a load of rabbits scare the life out of you? When they have blood red eyes and fangs for teeth and are killing other bunnies. Nightmare time! I always look at our rabbits with a small amount of hesitation now!

Miss Scarlett said...

wishful: Old Yeller was a KILLER! I also have only seen Bambi, The Lion King, and ET only once as they were so traumatizing.

Annie: My dad loves to tell that story...and even HE admits Cruella is pretty darn spooky!