Thursday, August 30, 2007


Friendship is such a fine line between love and jealousy. magnetic personalities draw people together so hard and fast sometimes i find myself in the middle of someone, with out ever having taken the time to see them...really see. how do you know when to let the walls down. when to be honest and trusting exposing your skeleton (s) and risking judgement and denial. how far do you go, do you push your luck or play it safe and on the surface. do soulmates souls stay connected even when the minds do not. how is it possible to love completely and not know completely. is it jealous to want what they have, but not neccessarily want them to not have it too? overwhelming emotion, not expressable through vocabulary, when i cant even get my mind around that much joy ... how am i supposed to explain it to you, when i cant fully realize it myself.
my line is smudged, allowing love and friendship and need and want and jealously to all run together. and create the current that is you. boundaries...oh, right...never been one of my strong points.

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