Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Ok...first I have to explain that we don't live "in-town" but we don't really live "out-of town". There are no restrictions (of any kind really) no building restrictions, no animal restrictions....nada. It isnt the best part of town, come to think of it though, there is no "good" part of our little zipcode. Luckily, Amy set the house up really well when she bought it and we have nice BIG iron gates.

Ok so now to the "rest of the story" (thank you Paul Harvey)

So all of this to say that our neighbors across the street have quite the brood. They have at least 5 dogs, which even though they see us come and go 4 times a day STILL insist on running to the gate and barking up a storm everytime we come and go (something inside me just wants to run up and bark right back some days), 7 chickens, 2 roosters (which seem to be on some sort of indonesian time, as they NEVER actually crow in the morning) and geese. LOTS OF GEESE. About a month ago, Amy and I were out of town for the weekend, and when we got back, our neighbor Bill was outside. Amy stopped to say hi, and came back with quite a story. Evidently on that friday night, something climbed their fence (6 foot chain link) and ATE, not just killed, ATE 15 of their geese. Their "guard dogs" (or guard roosters for that matter) never made a peep, and their weren't a lot of footprints .One poor little goosling survived, but wouldnt have made it long, so Bill finished it off and buried the only body he had. The carnage was evidently quite impressive, and neighbor Bill decided he would hang out on the patio with his shotgun the next night. Fast forward to Saturday morning...the rest of the geese gone, AND the one he had buried..not pretty (Bill went in for a sandwich and fell asleep about 1:30). In a fit of probably not so wise judgement, the next week, our neighbors got 30 more geese... and the next weekend, same story. After the first 10 went Friday night, Bill decided he would put some ibuprofen in hamburger meet and hang it from the tree to "poison the bastard". Amy, with her vast amounts of medical knowledge (really), informed me that while ibuprofen would give him a "wicked stomach ache", and probably make what ever it was "shit like a goose" (I was quick to point out that she meant "shit geese") but that it wouldnt kill it. Sure enough, after that weekend,l 30 more geese gone...the only thing left was one big 'ole goose foot, in front of our mailbox. Oh boy...

So here's my question....what in the world can climb a 6 foot fence, without a sound, and kill and EAT 60 geese in two weeks?

Ever heard the Chupacabra tales?

P.S. In case you are wondering....yes, they have more geese....

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thewishfulwriter said...

Oh my gawd.

That makes me so sad!!! They should not be allowed to get more geese!!!!

I have no idea what's killing them, but how many do they have to loose to wave the white flag?

this is why i like animals more than i like people.